About me

I am an atmospheric scientist interested in a wide variety of phenomena shaping Earth’s weather and climate. My research focuses on clouds, radiative transfer and their interplay as well as on dynamics of larger cloud systems such as tropical cyclones. I am currently a postdoctoral research scientist working with Dr. Grégory Cesana at Columbia University & NASA GISS, where I aim to better understand low clouds and the role they play in the complex, nonlinear, multiscale climate system. Besides classic research, I am also engaged in science outreach activities and communicating climate change on board of the RESCCCUE team.

Research Interests

  • Cloud feedbacks, climate sensitivity

  • Cloud-radiation interaction, cloud inhomogeneity, three-dimensional radiative transfer

  • Tropical cyclone intensification, tropical climatology

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Research Highlights

Quantifying the bias of radiative heating rates in numerical weather prediction models for shallow cumulus clouds Read more


Complex interaction between clouds and atmospheric radiation occurring in a real world